Landscape Lighting Services

New Installation & Design

Whether you are working with a landscape architect, landscape contractor or just have some ideas of your own we will help in the process of designing your outdoor lighting plan. We will provide a landscape lighting plan that complements the unique qualities of your home and landscaping. We also strive to achieve the lighting effects you desire while considering the issues of cost, performance and overall objectives.

Upgrade the Current System

If you have existing landscape lights and you're not happy with the effects - we can help. Most of our calls come from homeowners that had a lighting system installed by their gardener or another lighting company and now it doesn't work or look right. Don't worry we can upgrade your current system. We always try to save you money by using your current fixtures and transformers. We'll make suggestions to improve the design of your lighting plan, upgrade fixtures where necessary and make your outdoor lighting more functional.


We are experts in trouble-shooting existing systems. It may be as simple as a cut wire, a loose connection or your system just needs a little tune-up. Our experienced staff are familiar with all types of landscape lighting systems and system timers. Whatever the issue we can diagnose the problem with your system.


Maintaining your lighting system will extend the life of the fixtures and bulbs. We have several options available to make sure that your system stays in peak performance including quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans.