Our Landscape Lighting Process

landscape lighting designPhase 1 - We will meet with you to discuss the areas you would like to illuminate on your property, the lighting styles, options, your budget, and your timeline. Next we will go back to our office and work up a free quote for your job. Then you will choose an evening and we will come out and setup temporary lights to show you the effect of the lights at night.

Phase 2 - Installation of your lights will begin on our pre-determined date. The crew will place all of your lights, connect them, and mount the transformers. After we have finished wiring the lights we will set the lights to go "on", so you will get a chance to see what the lighting will look like prior to burying the cables. After looking at the lighting we will move or add lighting to your specifications.

Phase 3 - Once you've made your final decision we will make our final adjustments and we will bury the wires and connections. We are extremely careful to leave your landscaping in the way that we found it, because we are there to create beautiful lighting not to create a landscaping mess.

Phase 4 - After all the lights are installed, we'll set up an appointment to discuss how the system works, schedule regular maintenance, and make sure that you have been satisfied with your experience. We take immense pride in our work and your satisfaction is our first priority.


* We feel strongly that our work speaks for itself, so we do ask for referrals if you know of any of your friends looking for landscape lighting please forward our contact information to them.