Tampa Landscape Lighting

Here at Tampa Illuminations we are your source for specification grade low voltage outdoor lighting components. We know that our Landscape Lighting provides the lighting buyer with the highest value. By combining superior materials, finish, workmanship, warranty and the industry’s best lighting products you can be confident that we are the right choice for your custom residential or commercial outdoor lighting project.

Landscape lighting is a great way to bring out any focal point in your landscape or garden. Outdoor lighting (low voltage lighting) will save you money while providing time, safety, security and beauty to your home. We aren't landscapers or gardeners we are lighting experts and that is our focus. This distinction is huge when you are looking for a landscape lighting company. In fact, a vast majority of our clients come to us, because of upgrades to systems installed by either a landscaper, gardener, or other part-time light installer. Light installation isn't our hobby or part-time gig it is our full-time, year round business.

Professionalism and quality are the trademarks of Tampa Illuminations and our uncompromising standards lead to satisfied customers who love the look of their property. From the lighting plan through the final homeowner inspection our process ensures your satisfaction. If you are in the market for landscape lighting give us a call today and we can set up a FREE quote for your project.

Tampa landscape lighting installers