Contact Information

Please note that we take all communication seriously and we sincerely attempt to reply to e-mails within one business day of receipt. We value your time, questions, and comments, but due to our extremely tight schedule during the Holiday season, we may not immediately answer your email. If we are unavailable at the time you call us, please leave us a message and we will return your voice mail within 1 business day.

In order to expedite your bid requests via email, please when asking for a bid, provide us with the following:

  1.  A picture of the house or trees that you would like lit up.
  2.  The linear feet of your house or the height and width (at the widest part) of your  tree.
  3.  Also, when asking for bids on your trees, please specify whether it’s an Evergreen  tree or a deciduous tree.
  4.  The best time and phone number to reach you.
  5.  Whether we are using our lights or your own.

Thank you for your interest and Happy Holidays!


301 W. Platt St. Ste. #301
Tampa, FL 33606


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