FAQ 1 - Tampa Wedding and Event Lighting


Why do I need lighting at my Wedding?

All brides have a picture in their head of what their wedding and reception should look like. This mental picture is created from wedding experiences in the past, movies, and pictures from bridal magazines. The next question is how do you create in real life that picture that is in your mind? Your wedding colors, table settings, centerpieces, wedding cake and other wedding decor are all important elements to your wedding. Wedding Lighting accents and draws the guests attention to specific elements in your wedding. Lighting also creates an atmosphere by helping to set the mood of the occasion. Rembember a wedding with bright, impersonal, and overbearing lighting will create an informal and banquet hall setting for your guests. On the other hand, a wedding with precise color, intensity and location will create that perfectly elegant occasion. Setting just the right mood and highlighting the most important elements of your wedding is the essence of why you need wedding lighting.

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